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  • YOGA is becoming increasingly popular as a method to relax, become more flexible and begin to explore the inner self. But did you know yoga can also be a vigorous cardiovascular workout through the use of rapidly changing yoga posture flows?  Or that it can focus on helping to heal chronic illness such as cancer or fibromyalgia?  Or that you can prepare for childbirth with yoga?  It can help treat many illnesses and calm the nervous system for disorders such as panic attacks and depression.  Through meditation, the student learns to use the breath to carry him/her through stressful, painful and challenging situations.  Yoga is not just postures.  Yoga includes postures, meditation, guided imagery, breathing techniques, and deep relaxation.  Yoga is not a religion.  It is, however, a spiritual practice that can greatly enhance any religious practices you currently have. Through the years, I have worked with yoga students from 11-85 years old.  These students have seen improvement in high blood pressure, osteoporosis, migraines, strength in multiple sclerosis, severe chronic back problems, mood, self-confidence and stress management.



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Seek the positive within.  "Go to your bosom; knock there and ask your heart what it doth know....."  William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure, England

If you are noble, you will find the world noble."  Old Indian Proverb

"Before you speak, ask yourself, is it kind, is it necessary, is it true, does it improve on the silence?"  SRI SATHYA SAI BABA (born 1926), India



I retired from being a registered nurse in 2006.  During my nursing career, I worked in all levels of various organizations. I've held positions as hospital staff nurse, home health nurse, clinic nurse, marketing representative, clinical educator, head nurse, administrative director and Assistant Director of Nursing in a 300 bed hospital. Most recently I worked part-time as an oncology nurse at a local oncology practice, administering chemotherapy.  

Enjoying the  benefits of my own yoga practice, I became a certified Kripalu yoga instructor in 1995, teaching a variety of yoga classes for people of all ages and health conditions.  I am also a Registered Professional Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, as well as an Usui Reiki Master.  My original yoga certification was a 200 hour training program (designated by Kripalu and Yoga Alliance as Basic Certification) and I  now have the Professional Level of Certification which is 500 hours.  I am also a Registered Professional Yoga Teacher with the national Yoga Alliance.

I received a diploma in nursing, then a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Administration and a Master of Science degree in Community Health Planning and Administration and have continued my education in all of my fields of endeavor.

I strive to bring a warm, friendly approach to my work, inspiring confidence from my clients and students. Many say that my soft, soothing voice and ability to stay calm and focused in crisis has a calming effect on all that work with me. My extensive experience and education brings to my yoga practice, a unique understanding of the relationship  between physical and mental well-being and the prevention and treatment of disease. The experience I have working in the Medicare and Private Care aspects of home health and oncology enhance my ability to work effectively with elderly clients and their families. 

Although I have worked primarily in health care, I have experienced most situations that come up in the workplace. My clients note that my team building skills are excellent.  You will find that my working with groups in the corporate environment is a calming and yet, energizing experience for your employees.  The peace and harmony shared during corporate yoga sessions, spills over into the work environment, building your work teams even stronger.  Please feel free to call me for details for any of private sessions or corporate yoga sessions.





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